Desperation abilities

When your character is low on health, they start glowing (or in Bee’s case, exploding) and gain additional abilities. Here’s a list of desperation effects:

ANBU Kakashi: <X modechange special can be performed at 0% chakra, although it consumes all your chakra

Ino: Gain <X special. Fires a projectile that confuses opponents, costs 25% chakra.

Choji: Take half damage during vA. Gain power armour during vA.

Shikamaru: Gain ludicrous amounts of guard. It’s essentially unbreakable in normal play.

Asuma: Charged kunai become unblockable

Sakura: vA modechange no longer drains chakra, although you still can’t gain chakra while it’s going

Naruto: <X modechange becomes free

Sai: ^A birds return from behind opponents a little while after leaving the map.

Yamato: Can use <A counter as a regular move for 25% chakra.

Kiba: Akamaru becomes ready after attacking much faster

Shino: Bug attacks drain chakra on block

Hinata: <X modechange special becomes free.

Kurenai:¬†vA gains larger radius of effect. >A becomes free. She’s still bad.

Kabuto: Regenerate half the damage taken from any attack. As a side-effect, Kabuto becomes immune to chip damage.

Anko: <X modechange special becomes free.

Orochimaru: <X counter special becomes free.

Tsunade: vX healing special can be activated without connecting with an opponent.

Jiraya: vA attack becomes the size of Africa.

Sasuke: <X special changes from fast, unblockable, short-range burst to a blockable special that hits opponents anywhere if they’re doing something after you use it. Basically it makes him worse. Also his sword attacks do more damage.

Itachi: <A teleport becomes free.

Kakazu: X special trigger attack changed from a kick to a very fast, medium-range lightning bolt. Can also hit more than one character in some situations.

Hidan: Gain power armour performing vA. Half the damage you take is reflected to opponents while standing in vA circle.

Deidara: Clay attacks no longer drain chakra, but they still require chakra to perform. >A bug continues crawling along the ground instead of just exploding.

Sasori: All attacks poison opponents.

Hiruko: All attacks poison opponents.

Yugao: Sword attacks do more damage.

Tenten: No longer drops weapons when taking damage.

Neji: >A pokes drain chakra on block. <A counter drains chakra at half the rate when held. X special gains 360 degree tracking.

Lee: <X modechange becomes free.

Gai: Gain <X stomp attack.

Kakashi: <X modechange becomes free. No longer lose health when Sharingan open.

Killer Bee: Gain <X burst that puts you in the invulnerable state while it occurs, for 25% chakra. Upon entering desperation, Bee immediately uses the attack for free.

Kisame: vX special does much more damage. vX special can be used at 50% chakra, but drains up to 75%.

Gaara: Can block unblockable attacks. Gain retroactive counterspecial for 50% chakra – just press X in blockstun. A sand projectiles are always thrown fully charged.

Kankuro: ?

Temari: <A summon no longer drains chakra while it’s out.

Chiyo: <X chakra shield drains at half the rate. vY puppet-summon makes puppets teleport to her location

Baki: >A wind blades become much larger

Minato: Gain vX and <X specials. vX places a marked kunai, <X teleports to the kunai for 25% chakra, even out of movelag. <X with no kunai goes straight to idle animation for free. Yes that gives Minato an infinite.

Sage Naruto: Rasengan attacks no longer drain chakra, though they still require chakra to perform.

Raikage: Negates ranged attacks while charging attacks. This includes some specials. Also reflects kunai and needles.

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