Like most fighting games, throws in GNT Special provide a way of getting around guard to damage an opponent anyway. Unlike most fighting games, throws in GNT Special tend to be very good combo openers. In general, you should be catching opponents with the start of a chain or a special after a throw, with the exceptions being a few characters with throws that can’t link (Raikage, curse-seal Anko).

With that said, I would strongly advise new players avoid throws at the start – you need to be very close to throw a character in GNT Special, to the point where a new player will whiff throws over and over again.

Throws can be teched, by the player being thrown pressing an attack button (A, B, X, Y) at the start of the throw animation. You can even tech throws in hitstun or blockstun – the only time you can’t is if you’re being thrown from behind. The tech animation is frame-neutral – both players end up coming out of it at the same time. The tech window is 4 frames – if you enter an input on the same frame or the frame immediately after your opponent throws, they’ll whiff and you’ll perform your input, but frames 2-5 inclusive after their throw input will tech.

(very nearly) Every character has a neutral-Y throw on the ground, and a throw in the air – the one exception is Kankuro, who doesn’t have any throws at all – throw performs some puppet moves with him, and while they look a bit like throws in that they involve grabbing someone and doing something with them, they don’t go through guard.

Some characters have a down-Y throw that performs differently in some way. Here’s a list:

  • Shikamaru (Easier to combo off of)
  • Sakura (very easy to combo off of, can’t escape teleport safely)
  • Sai (easy to combo off of, can’t escape teleport)
  • Yamato (easy to link)
  • Kiba (easy to link)
  • Shino (useless)
  • Hinata (easy to link)
  • Kurenai (very easy to link)
  • Kabuto (easy to link)
  • Orochimaru (hilarious)
  • Jiraya (no link, more damage?)
  • Sasuke (no link, more damage?)
  • Itachi (easy link)
  • Deidara (no link, more damage)
  • Sasori (hilarious, no link)
  • Yugao (no link, more damage)
  • Tenten (easy link)
  • Neji (more damage, no link)
  • Lee (easy link)
  • Bee (hilarious, no link)
  • Gaara (very easy link, no escape, bread and butter throw)
  • Temari (linkable but hard)
  • Baki (easy link)

A small set of characters use the Y button to perform some additional moves – Kankuro and Chiyo. Kankuro can perform attacks with his second puppet using Y, ^Y and aY. <Y pulls the second puppet back to him, and vY performs a counter. Chiyo gets <Y as a chakra-shield that completely protects her from damage, can’t be broken, but drains chakra over time, and she can also summon puppets to her by entering vY B or vY A.

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